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Carrie Vaughn und Volker im Gespräch

Carrie Vaughn's Midnight Hour

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(english below)

Wir haben Carrie Vaughn, Autorin der Kitty Norville / Midnight Hour Werwolf-Serie vor's Mikrofon bekommen! Das Interview ist auf Englisch.

Carrie Vaughn has created fantastic yet believable and down-to-earth world of werewolves and other supernatural creatures - of course you know of her Kitty Norville / Midnight Hour (german language link) series, don't you? Unfortunately only the first 6 books have been translated into German - but fortunately we have been able to drag her in front of our microphone at LonCon 2014, the last year's World Science Fiction Con.

Together with her we followed Kitty Norville's development - who starts out as host of a radio talk show with often curious or strange topics. Unbeknown to many Kitty actually is a beaten-up werewolf - and quite a number of her telephone guests probably are similarly out-of-this-world (werewolves, vampires, ...). Starting from this underdog position Kitty first has to become master of herself, of her friends and pack, and more.

We'll be talking about all this - and include an outlook on how Carrie plans to write on in the world of the Midnight Hour as the end of the series is looming ...

Carrie Vaughn's Homepage

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